Saturday, April 30, 2016


We all know how college is and  I know what a pressure it is to always put the best foot forward, always be alert on our toes and be absolutely presentable through out the day! 

And then there are the others who put very little effort into their apperance! The way we dress and present ourselves is such an important part of preparing ourselves for success. After all, our clothes and appearance speak volumes about us, way before we get to speak a word, they talk about our attitude, our confidence and our character/identity. So to help out all those out there who're maybe a little confused about putting together a simple outfit for a regular day, this might help


Short Kurtis and Jeans, Short Kurtis and Jeggings are quiet common outfits but to add a twist to the regular outfits why not try floral pants and throw on a pair of comfy flats or stilettos for the edgy feel.
I put together three outfits based on the same idea, here goes:


For this outfit, I picked a black tunic which is a basic piece in most of our closets and of course, floral pants. For footwear, as you feel like that day, you can wear either striking stilettos or comfy nude flats.


For this particular look, I preferred a basic black kaftan. I'm very much into kaftans this year. They're more 
comfortable and pretty easy to carry off. Again, a pair of floral pants and a pair of hot pink stilettos that complement the floral pants and add that much needed pop of color.


For the final look, I chose an orange tunic with a belt which would help compliment your body type. You can opt not to wear the belt too. A pair of floral pants and nude stilettos, you're done! Now, don't you look glamorous! 

Nude flats or stilettos go with almost any outfit as they are neutral in tone. And it is not a compulsion to wear stilettos, you can always wear flats in a color that compliment the outfit! 

Experiment with your ideas and explore to find your style with floral pants!

Hope you guys had fun! Stay Glam, Keep Crafting & Flash that Million Dollar Smile! ^_^

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