Saturday, April 30, 2016

Facial at Home

I decided to share with you guys a simple and easy facial that you can do for yourself and pamper yourself and get that indulgence you deserve.

I like to do this facial one night before some special day, or any day that I feel like looking a little extra special. It doesn't take much effort, and all the products that I have used are way within the reach of our wallet!

So, lets get started,
You can use any branded products apart from the ones I've mentioned.

The basic products you would need are:

- Sanitizer 
I used: Zuci Strawberry Sanitizer - which is my favorite sanitizer!

- Cleanser
I used: Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser

- Scrub
I used: EverYuth Naturals Ultra Mild Scrub

- Face Pack/Mask
I used: Nature's Lacto Tan Clear Pack - but I also love using Biotique's Bio Fruit Whitening Pack.

- Face Wash
I used: Garnier Light Face Wash

- Moisturizer
I used: Bath & Body Works Into the Wild Lotion

- Under Eye Cream
I used: Garnier Under Eye Roll On

- Lip Moisturizers/Balm
I used: Upper Canada's Naturally Lip Butter in Olive and Avocado Flavour

- Tissues/Paper Towels

- A Bowl of Water

- Cotton Pads

The amazing thing about this facial is that half of it is my night time routine! So all you would need to do is add a few steps before your actual night time routine which I know is definitely not much of work.

First, we need to sanitize our hands before we get in any further as breakouts often happen due to unclean hands. So rub that sanitizer in nice before you get started.

Push out any hair out of your face using with a head band or a head scarf. Now cleanse your face using the cleanser and while doing so, make sure to remove any make up if you have any on. And clean it off with the cotton pads or tissues as you prefer.

Cleanse thoroughly till your neck and you can go till your collar bones but I like to stop at the neck. After this, dip you fingers in water and wipe your face with the water and dry your face with paper towels.

Moving on to the next, take a generous amount of scrub into you hand and using your fingers gently, rub it against your skin in circular motions. If you have oily skin, you want to focus on the t-zone of your face and also your nose and chin areas which are know to be the most oily. Scrub your face till you feel like it and don't forget to scrub your lips as well. With the water, wash your face and wipe of any scrub that's left over.

Pat your face dry and now apply the face pack/mask evenly. Leave it on for 15 minutes and let it dry. Once it has completely dried, wash the pack/mask completely. By now, you must already be feeling the freshness on your face. Take a small amount of the face wash and go ahead to wash your face. 

Let your face air dry. Don't use a towel or anything else to pat dry. Once your face is dry, slowly massage your face with the help of some moisturizer. After which you can apply an under eye cream if you want. 

Now we don't want to forget the lips, apply some lip balm and get a good night's sleep!

This is best done in the night before bed as the moisturizers and the products we use would stay on and work well into our skin. 

My night time routine is from the face wash. So the cleansing, scrubbing and face pack are the only three things which we would have to do! I hope you guys found this useful. You guys can use any products but the products I have used are very pocket friendly! Well pamper yourselves and have a blast! Hey, why not through a facial party for your sleepovers! They'd be a great way to bond!

Hope you guys had fun! Stay Glam, Keep Crafting & Flash that Million Dollar Smile! ^_^

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