Saturday, April 30, 2016


One of the major troubles we face is appropriately styling white shirts/blouses the right way. What I told you I found a way you could style white shirts/blouses and another significant piece in our wardrobes together and make them work like magic.

This other significant piece that we're talking about that is a must in today's fashion are the colored pants/jeans! These are a rave now a days and almost everyone owns at least one.


By now the idea of what I'm speaking must be really clear to you girls! Oh yes! I am talking about pairing you white shirts or blouses with the oh so trendy colored jeans/pants! Isn't that just the perfect way to show off two of the  most stunning pieces you can find in your wardrobe! These pieces work literally like magic together creating an edge to an outfit that is not only sophisticated but also elegant. This outfit is great for work where you want to add that pop of color or for college where you need an outfit to feel comfortable and edgy! 

This outfit works because it is also very practical apart from being so fashionable. You have the pockets you need to carry around stuff that is of frequent use like your phone or keys. And you can style them with practically any kind of accessories as your top is pretty much close to being neutral!
I put together some outfit ideas, lets have a quick look so that you can use this for your basic idea to build the outfit you like with the pieces you have,


The first outfit is an outfit that would be more appropriate for college or school. This is a plain white top that had been paired with a coral colored jeans and a beautiful grey and black colored, round neck jacket that can be zipped you in case you get a little cold. The bag is neutral, so by default the shoes would also be neutral i.e nude heels or flats as per your preference. Coming to the accessories, the neck piece is minimal as that complements the jacket. The arm candy is all gold, you can put on a single gold cuff as well and a beautiful statement ring to top that all off!


The second outfit is a more work oriented outfit. Here, along with a clean white button up shirt we have paired maroon ankle length pants. What I love about the shirt is that pop of color at the cuffs of the shirt. The cuffs add the more formal feel to it while the pop of color makes it fun. You can throw on a brown belt like here and make it more formal. The accessories in this case are more minimal as it is work oriented, a small bracelet or a chunky watch would just do the trick. The bag is my most favorite as it is animal print which brings out the fashionista in you at work. The shoes are also very elegant and feminine and i love the fact that its color coordinated with the pop of color in the cuffs! And the school girl kinda shoes also make it a lot of fun!

Here are some more examples with different colored pants/jeans and white shirts/blouses and ways you can accessorize them with jewelry, shoes, jackets and of course bags!

I also thought I must add some examples of styling colored pants in specific as jeans are the most sought out and its always a good thing to have information or ideas on things we find rarely. I have included one that is casual and another that is a little bit more formal. So here goes, hope this helps!

This is just a beautiful and feminine white peplum top that has been paired with greenish-yellow colored cotton pants, a statement piece and bold chunky heels in gold. WOW! That totally rhymed! 


And the other example is a button up white shirt that is paired with an ankle length yellow colored pant. A belt always gives a more formal look and feel to the outfit and again the accessories are minimal since it is formal. The bag and shoes are color coordinated! Just the way I like it!

Hope you guys had fun! Stay Glam, Keep Crafting & Flash that Million Dollar Smile! ^_^

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