Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Love Offered

Dark. Pitch Black. The room had no sign of light. Air. A ticking clock. A breath. Was all that was the sound to be heard in the room. And in that room, she lay on her bed. Staring into the darkness, listening to the silence with a ticking clock, breeze and her own breath. The clock was 7 minutes past 3. In the dead of the night, blank and empty. No thought, no sleep.

She turned and twisted in her bed. Trying to fall asleep. She sat up in her bed restlessly. The blank and dark night was eating into her. The one thing she needed wasn't there. She was right there in that moment but it felt like it wasn't real or as though she wasn't there. Fear engulfed her. What if she discovered some thing she was not entitled to know. She stopped, she realized that is not the truth.

She got off her bed. Walked to the night stand and picked up her phone. She unlocked it and opened the dialer. She looked at the last call she had made. a few hours ago, before she got into bed. The dialer flashed a small icon with his image and the number next to it. She called the number. And as she held the phone up to her ear, she heard a message. "The person you are trying to reach is speaking to someone else". She immediately hung up. She had so many thoughts over take her. The monkey mind was at it's monkey business again.

But as this processed, she felt the phone vibrate in her hands and she saw it was him. She was hesitant to answer. Though he had called back - who was he talking to as this hour. She answered as few rings passed. "Hello" she said. "Hello" he said. "I just woke up, I'm wide awake." She said. "I can see that. What is it?" he asked concerned. "Nothing" she said. "My friend had called" he said."Oh okay" she said. She didn't ask who it was. He felt he should tell her? I trust him, she thought. But why did she feel differently for a moment. She said "I feel like I am falling sick". "Throat Pain?" he asked." Mhmm" she said. "Be careful" he said. "I will." she said. "I am feeling so sleepy" he said. "You haven't slept at all, you should sleep" she said. "Sure. I am." he said. "I'll try to sleep too. But I will call you if I can't" she said. "Do call me" he said. She said her goodbye and hung up.

She walked to her bed and went back to lying down. She was yet again blank. It was at that moment she realized, how much he made her human. How much he made her feel like she was herself. How much he was to her - only to realize the overwhelming came from her love to him. And how much she felt in emotion. What was so blank and empty few minutes ago was now full of him and her thoughts of him. She realized it was him that filled everything. He completed all that was there. He made it more real, more colorful and surely complete with love.

Someone who could make her feel so much in just a few minutes, in a lifetime would show her the world she felt. With that thought, she rest into the night feeling nothing but him and the love that was offered.

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