Saturday, April 30, 2016



I have a really cool DIY for this week! I'm so excited with this DIY as I find it really useful and unbelievably helpful. I have a hard time planning out my time without a physical calendar! I can’t do it on my phone, as I feel using your phone is less creative! I wanted to create a schedule that would motivate me to complete my work every time I saw it! So, this week we're going to make a DIY chalkboard planner/DIY room decor! Not only is this helpful, but it also completely adds a whole new look to your room!
I recently started taking an online class and I realized that I needed a planner to remind myself of the work load I had for each week. Hence, I decided to create this!
You will need:
-          Self-Adhesive Blackboard
-         Chalk

-         Washi Tape
-         Scissors!
Now, find the perfect space in your room. The space is for pasting the self-adhesive chalk board. Once you have found the ideal space in your room, measure out the surface area that you want to paste your chalk board and cut out that much from the self-adhesive chalk board roll.
After cutting out the needed amount of chalk board, paste it on to the desired wall. 
Now take the washi tape you want to use & cut it out to the length of the chalk board and paste it on to the edges of the chalk board like so:
Do the same for all the left over three sides and you'll have yourself a beautiful chalk board in your room where you can write down your schedule, doodle or just write stuff randomly!
There is so much you can do with this! Cut the self-adhesive chalk board in shapes you want! Adding the washi tape is completely your wish! I think it looks fine without the washi tape but it helps add the needed pop of color!
Here are some inspiring ideas that you can use for decorating your home/room with the awesome self-adhesive chalk board!
This is such a cute desk idea. Cutting out the chalk board in the shape of a cloud! You can write down your thoughts!

This next idea is an innovative idea for your kitchen! Makes it fun for the kids to draw on as well!
And you'll never forget where you put what! ^_^
Find you own way to customize the chalk board! Get Creative!
Hope you guys enjoyed the DIY! Keep Crafting, Stay Glam & Flash that Million Dollar Smile! ^_^

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