Saturday, April 30, 2016


Today I'm going to share with you a small tip that will help you bake your cakes evenly! That flat surface we dream of having to get that perfect icing! It's frustrating to use the cake leveler and throw away/eat all the excess cake you had to cut off to level or even the cake surface. No more of that now!
You will need:
An old towel or hand towel
Safety Pins/Paper Clips
Start by cutting your towel into strips that are approximately the width of your baking tin.
Now, wet your towel strips under running water and lightly ring them out as we don't want them to be dripping wet neither too dry.
Take the wet strips of towel and wrap them around the cake tins and secure the ends tightly ensuring they don't slip from the tins using a safety pin or paper clip. You can use more than one towel strip, if your cake tin is large in radius.
Before popping the cake tin into the oven, place your cake tin on a cookie sheet as you don't want any water accidentally dripping in to oven & this way your towels wouldn't dry out too fast.
The strips of cold towels will keep the temperature of the pans cooler which allows the outer rim of the cakes from cooking way too quickly, allowing the cakes to cook in an even fashion.
And just like that you have a perfectly leveled and flat surfaced cake to work your magic icing on!
And here is the finished product!
Let me know how your cake turned out after trying this little trick!
Happy Baking! ^_^

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