Friday, January 1, 2016


 (Re-posting Old Blogs)
Tiny droplets of water falling from the sky, splattering on to the wind shield of the taxi I was in. I told the driver to take a left turn and stop. I got out and tipped the guy for getting me to where I was meant to be. I walked towards the entrance of "Bla Bla" hoping I would see someone I know to come and greet me. But to my surprise only one of them was there. I said "Hi" and took a seat next to him.Wondering how gracefully I'd managed to get out of the house and make time for my closest friends.

Few minutes later, we were joined by the rest of our battalion. Just as we were hoping to have a good time, we realized that none of us had enough cash to afford the place for what we wanted to have. We compromised and decided to share whatever we were going to order.

And then to my surprise, I noticed something I should have noticed a long time ago. And along with me, someone who shouldn't notice what I noticed, noticed it too. That was it, the most embarrassing moment of my life had just occurred. My zipper my open and he noticed it too. I was turning red and was heading towards the restroom.

Just then, I heard a big crash. And there it was, on the floor, the beautiful Indian hookah, bright blue in color, completely shattered and then I had the shock of my life. The leg was tangled with the tube of the hookah. And realization dawned on me, I had broken it.

For a minute, all I could notice was reactions of shock and some of remorse. I was just standing there in the middle of the mess with a hand on my mouth not knowing what I can do or say to make them change their reactions. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't manage to say a word.

A bunch of waiters came rushing to where I was standing and had the "Oh-no-not-again" looks on their faces. That made me feel much worse. I slowly untangled my foot and stepped back. Just then one waiter came with a broom and tray and cleared the mess I'd made. He picked up the large pieces of blue glass and walked away muttering to himself.

I just was speechless. Never had I broken anything like this so clumsily. I was almost in tears. And my worst fear came upon me, we had not much money in the first place god alone knew how I was going to pay for the mess I made. Everybody's attention in the restaurant was on me and I couldn't do anything. I was then brought back to life by my friend telling me that it would cost us 1350. I was just still trying to recover from what I had just done.

My friends said we can do something and pay the money. Just then I'd realized something more important than all this mess. I'd finally understood what friends really meant. Instead of blaming me for what happened, they acted as if we'd thrown the hookah together. They were figuring out ways to make it work with the management of the restaurant. I just stood there and watched them. Feeling sad for what I'd done and happy as it taught me what these people meant to me in my life.

I just watched and thought what would have been my case if they had just decided to abandon me and leave it to me because I was the culprit, the cause for whatever had happened. One of my friends shook me and told me to go home and offered to drop me. All of a sudden I didn't want to leave all the mess I'd made to these guys to handle. I refused to leave when all of them walked to me and told me to just go home and not worry about what had happened. They'd assured me they will take care of it. And I was in tears when they helped me out of the restaurant and as I was about to get into the car which belonged to my friend, one of them gave me a hug and told me "Don't worry about it. Its just an accident. Take Care. We're here." and all I needed to hear was those words.

All my life I thought there was no such things as true friends. I'd never known there would be people to take all the pain for what I was responsible for. I realized their true worth. I left on that note and they managed to draw up cash from their sources and pay for the damage made by me. I was crying on the way home but not for what I'd done but for what they'd done for me. I would never want to lose them in my life. Today has taught me so much, much that I would remember for my entire life.....

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