Friday, January 1, 2016

A True Poet

She watches the world’s affairs with her heart;
She reads the news deeply into her brain;
She listens to speech and music into her spirit;
She can translate worldly things into a poem.

She can change journals into poetry & art;
Nothing can escape her eyes;
There’s true love in her vision for this universe;
She loves people with empathy.

She adores nature as it is more understanding than humans;
She admires animals with her true love;
She inscribes her nature with honest feelings;
She has true connection with herself and is filled completely within her spirit.

Her inspiration is transcending from her inner aura;
Her emotion is so pure that it cannot be described.
Her love comes from her heart and soul;
She doesn’t give in to things against her conscious.

A poet is so much like true oneness,
Very few fortunate ones are admired as a true poet,
She is poetically one of them.

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