Saturday, August 10, 2013

I Wish...

I wish that I could be with you
And hold you in my arms,
Whisper all my love to you
And kiss away your tears. 

I wish that I could take your hurt

And put them all away,
While pleasure lights your smile. 

I wish that joy could step inside

Your heart and stay awhile,
And all the rain could turn into
A rainbow in the sun. 

And all our loneliness like mist

Could fade into the blue,

But I cannot come home right now,

And you cannot come here;
And so our dreams must be the fields
On which we laugh and play. 

If life cannot be what we want,

It will, it will be so;
For love can turn the harshest light
To gold through sheer affection.


  1. you pen ur emotions so well...:)
    appreciate d fact dat we get to share our blogs and read such good compositions:)

  2. Thank you very much! I'm glad you think it is a good composition!

  3. Aah.. Wish.. What a word. It can consume the whole world within.. And yet a Wish just seems so small. Good work..