Saturday, August 24, 2013

Despite the Doubts and Troubles

This poem is dedicated to that special person I hold close to my heart! Thank you for making me a better person! On this special day, I would want to pour my heart out to you...

Despite the doubts and troubles that we've gone through,
There is no doubt at all about your love
Though many now change partners when they want to,
You've found your one and chosen not to move
In doing so, you've given me a picture
More beautiful than any I might draw,
More potent than the most persuasive methods,
With far more force than any rule or law
So much, you've given me! Yet! what you've given me,
Of love and time, money and concern,
Is less than what I've seen, as you have striven
To make our lives, a lesson we might learn!
I'm grateful for the things you did and still do,
But even more, for what you made of you!
I love you!