Thursday, July 21, 2016

Decorate Cakes with Icing Sugar

Yes! You heard me right, we're going to look at a simple and fool proof way to decorate cakes/cupcakes with icing/powdered sugar. Without further delay, lets get right into it!

Have a cake or a cupcake that's baked and ready to go. Have some stencils ready, made out of cardboard. It can be as simple as a rectangular strip of card or a Christmas tree cutout. The images below may help ^_^

All you need now is powdered sugar or icing sugar and a sieve.

Place your stencil on the cake the way you like it and sprinkle away with the sieve.

The end product will look something like this. But you can make it as complex or simple as you like and still make a beautiful cake.

Here are some more images for you to refer to! Try out your style and ideas and share with me on instagram with the hashtag #bakewithrisha ! Keep Smiling and Keep Baking! ^_^


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