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Baking essentials - Tools (Beginner Level)

Baking essentials - Tools (Beginner Level) :

One of the most common questions in the mind of an amateur baker is figuring out the tools they might need to bake. Trust me, I know! I, myself have started out recently and I had a lot of questions going on. But then, eventually I figured out what is needed the hard way. By posting this, I’m hoping to be of help to all those of you who are just starting out to explore baking! ^_^

      1.  Spatulas:
       I have around four-five spatulas laying around my kitchen. The spatulas are saviors  they can take a beating and what do you know! They’re still in perfect shape! Also, the added bonus is that they’re fun and bright in colors!

 2. Hand Mixer: 
      It’s not necessary to have a stand mixer, you can get a hand mixer and if that’s out of budget for you, you can still get the manual hand mixer which would mean saving a buck but sweating it out in the kitchen while whipping up the egg whites! These things are light and easy to store!

   3.  Basic Baking Pans: 
      Let’s face it, when we bake – I mean bake a lot, baking pans are a must. You can get any branded ones but, I prefer baking pans from 360 Bakeware. These baking pans allow conduction of heat evenly and ensure consistent baking throughout!

   4.  Pastry Scraper: 
       I am totally in love with my pastry scraper. Not only is it helpful while baking, it’s very handy in transferring chopped toppings from the chop board to the bowls! These are amazing are they even work out as replacements for icing knives! 

        5.  Cup Cake Molds/Pans: 
       Cupcakes are one of the things that you would bake in the initial stages of baking. The cupcake molds are   silicon molds which are oven safe. The cup cake pans cut the baking time and are more of an advantage    because you won’t have to buy multiple pans whereas the cupcake molds would mean buying a number of  them. Also, the pans are a lot less work and easier to get in and out of the oven. And you can also bake  other things like breads or pops in them!

   6.  Wax Paper Liners/Butter Paper: 
       Most bakers just grease their pans and pop them in the oven, but personally, after greasing I like adding a wax paper/butter paper to the bottom of the pan. Trust me! The cake comes out with such ease when you put one of these babies!

   7.  The Beginners Frosting Set: 
      After you venture into baking, you would definitely want to learn about frosting and its techniques. So, for that here are basic things you would need:

§  Disposable Frosting Bags: These are available everywhere and are so much easier to manage than the cloth icing bags and you can just dispose them once you are done.

§  Frosting Tips: You will get a variety of frosting tips. When I started, I picked the ones I was most curious to work with that way, choosing the tips wouldn't be much of a problem.

§  Frosting Tip Holder/Securer: These are handy when you are frosting, they hold the tip in place and make sure the tips don’t come off or tilt in the wrong angles while frosting.

   8.  Cake leveler:  
      You can buy a cake leveler, if you are interested but a large knife would just do the trick. But if you’re obsessed with perfection like me, you would want to buy a cake leveler to get that perfect and smooth cake surface!

These things are simple and definitely easy to gather! They’re always handy and would never feel like a waste in the kitchen when it comes to baking! Hope you peeps found this useful!

Happy Baking! ^_^

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