Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Change

Change. What does it really mean? Is it good or bad? Maybe Life would improve because of it or maybe not. Things might actually worsen. These are exactly the same questions running through her mind.

She was a fresh pass out from school and she was looking for college admissions in her much loved city. She was so excited that she was finally getting into her final stages of high school education, but before her happiness could last her parents gave her shocking news. It took time for her to absorb what her parents had told her. Time stood still for a minute. Everything around her became stationary. It was hard for her to believe her own ears.

She was told that she had to move to another city along with her family. The last thing she ever wanted, her dads’ job transferred. She loved the city she was living in way above the limits. She was completely shattered because she realized that she had to leave behind whatever that she had made up for herself from her childhood.

Her friends, her socializing mates, the places she loved going to, the beach which was her most time consuming activity. She had to leave it all behind. She spent the rest of the day inside the four walls of her bedroom still trying to console herself from the shock she just received.

She sat there on the chair next to the table playing with the lamp switch lost in deep thought just when her mother called for her. She came to her senses startled. She turned around and looked toward her door. She saw her mother entering the room. She pulled a chair close to hers and looked at her and said “What’s the matter honey? Why are sitting locked up inside your room? That’s not you, why aren’t you outside like always?” She looked up at her mother and broke down into tears and hugged her mother tightly “Mom, I don’t want to leave be it for good or bad! I want to stay here!” she said sobbing.

Her mother loosened herself for her grip and said “Listen sweetheart, I know this is hard for you. But none of us expected this either. You have to learn to handle yourself emotionally and accept the truth. It’s too late to do anything, we’ll be moving in about 2 weeks and Daddy has already got your admission there in the best college that suits you. You have to buck up. I am sorry. But think about it, you have a new place to explore! Maybe god wants you to look around every where. You have to pick up yourself and run with the crowd. But remember we’re always here if you need us, no matter what”. Her mother reassured her and kissed her softly on the forehead and walked out of the room closing the door behind her.
 She was left to herself again wandering into her painful thoughts. So much so that she didn’t even realize how fast time passed by. She looked up at the clock and was surprised that for the first time in her entire life she had shut herself up in a room for a whole day without the thought of going out or seeing her beloved friends. She didn’t even go down for dinner.

She lay there in her bed, still thinking about all the fun she had in her life and the fact that all her wonderful memories were made in this city. She could always relive those memories as long as she was here. She could just go to those places, but if she moved, she wouldn’t be able to do so any longer. She was thinking about how she teased her BFF calling her funny names. She remembered the first day she set foot in her home where she made friends worth of a lifetime! She fell asleep engrossed in her thoughts.

For the first time, her peaceful sleep was troubled by disturbing dreams. She woke up in the morning and went to the hall and saw her dad worrying about what an effect this matter had on her. It was then that she had made up her mind. She loved her father too much to see him worry for her. She walked up to him and said “Dad! Don’t worry about me! Its all for good! Am sure I’ll love it there!” and hugged her dad. She also decided that very minute, that by locking herself in her room she is only wasting the precious time she had left with her friends and with the city that always held a special place in her heart!

She dressed and left her house earlier than usual. She told her friends about what had happened and explained how important they were to her. She spent days and days before she left, doing all the things in her life that she hadn’t experienced yet!

She learnt snooker, did bowling, skating, watched 3 movies in a row, blew up her pocket money and shopped so much that she couldn’t remember how much she spent. And she knew at the end of the day all that didn’t matter, what mattered was that these were the memories she would cherish for the rest for her life, memories that she would take with here wherever she went. All she did was spend time with friends and go to places she loved most.

And then the doomsday arrived. She didn't know how fast time had passed by and that day had arrived, the day she had to bid farewell to everything that she named her life there. She didn't expect to leave so early but she also knew she had nothing to regret about now. She had done whatever she wanted, only the pain of departing still poked her hard in some corner of heart. She overcame her feelings and gave one last look to the place she called home, where she grew up and then ran downstairs.

There her cab was waiting and by the time she knew she was already at the station with her family. She quickly boarded the train and looked at the platform and sat there still. She knew this would be the longest journey she had ever had in her life. She felt like she was already at another place.

She tried shoving away the thought from her mind and diverted her mind by talking to her parents and playing a game of UNO with them. She then ate and climbed into her respective berth and soon fell asleep. She awoke and looked at her watch, it was already 7. She got off her berth and saw that her parents were already up. They smiled at her and made room for her to sit.

 In no time they had arrived. They quickly went to their new home and all freshened up, just then her mother announced that they were going to see her new college. She reluctantly got up to go downstairs as the thoughts of her previous school thoughts raced through her mind. She sat inside the car and then they arrived at a magnificent building. She got out of the car a little surprised and knew that her dad would obviously do only the best for her.

She walked in just when the institution head was coming out and she recognized her father and greeted him. Her dad introduced her to her new principal. It didn’t stop there, the principal had told her that classes would commence in 2 days time and explained her what all she needed to attend college. She went back home and unenthusiastically prepared for college and those 2 days just flew by.

There she was standing at the gate of her new life and turned back and waved goodbye to her parents and walked inside with a complete strange feeling in her heart. She asked directions and found her classroom at last. She walked inside when she saw a million odd faces looking at her and few of them smiling. She found an empty seat and sat down. People from her class slowly started approaching her and she gradually got to know them as well.

Months passed, though the first few months were hard for her to take in. She didn’t like the functioning nor the lecturers, until she found that one lecturer who saw her inside out. She was afraid to approach her lecturer not only because she personally feared her but also because she was told she was very strict and doesn’t mingle with her students much.

She thought she would never find a friend who loved her as much as her friends, but she was wrong, there was one person who came into her life like and angel and gave her all the support and love that she needed and that person, who was responsible for all the changes in her, another girl who had been through the same as herself.

She had brought about an immense meaning in her life. She gradually lost the feeling of being alone or not liking the place. Though she didn’t forget what she had been through to get here. She still missed her friends and kept in contact with them. Then came about a new love in her life! Now, now don’t jump to conclusions, it was the city. The city she thought that was the most terrible thing that could have ever happened to her. She got time to discover the city, its beauty and most of all.

Things started to get better than ever before. Her parents were happy she was happy what more did she need. She was smiling to herself thinking about this one day and her mother asked her “What are you all smiles about??” She laughed and said “Mom, you were right! I was sent here for a better life. Better than what I could expect. Remember when I said I want to stay back for good or bad… I don’t want to take it back but I want to also add to it that I wouldn’t want to leave this place as well, for good or for bad!” her mother and herself laughed about it together and she hugged her mother again jus like when she found out she had to leave her old life.

Change played a major role in her life. Maybe it is good or maybe it is bad… this fact can never be certain. But what is certain is you have to take life the way it comes to you. It’s your unique journey filled with things and people that are important to you and things that surround you. Maybe even if things didn’t go as well as in her case, just remember that the big man up there, is watching you and he has something big in store for you!

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  1. Liked the way you ended it.
    Change is the new constant.. :)