Monday, February 11, 2013

My thoughts about nature

A pleasant nature scape advocates a deep sense of peace within yourself.

Watch the mountains and its waterfalls.
They never struggle, they are always at peace - a quality that’s' within them and within all of us.

In the morning, the reflection of the mist in the air is like the thoughts in our mind.

When these drift away, the true picture emerges.
It is for all to see, it is for all to cherish.

The temptations of natural glory echoes itself from the peaks of the Swiss landscape.

The landscape, snow capped first set amidst a pure white background, the Alps make a mercy canvas of natural colours.

Live, witness the musical water hit every possible note to make the rocky shore sing the time of nature.

The swirling wind sweeps past their hardened surface.

A land of art and culture is highly influenced by nature.

Mineral rich mountains that hide within them, the best marbles and stone have nourished the land's creative talents for centuries.

Water colours the ebbing sea, waves leave their signature on sand, slowly approaching dusk spreads its dark ink over a clouded blue sky.

The day’s work is done.

Nature follows its own trail, bending where necessary, using when required, like the smooth flowing river stream in the woods, nature tells us that life must go on, smoothly and evenly, despite all the hurdles in its way.

The soft white sand opens out into crystal clear water.

The amazing clarity of the waters teaches us to be transparent.
Be Clear, Be Pure, Be Perfectly Normal.