Thursday, March 22, 2012


Note:: This is not a part of the Tangled Series!

Staring outside the window there she was standing hoping she could get herself back together after what she had just experienced. Dressed in a black dress embroidered with white. Her hair pulled back into a ponytail. Her eyes staring in to the distance and her heart plunging into sadness. She never thought she would be this hurt and everything suddenly seemed dark.

"I got this from a friend who lives far away. I have told you about her." he said with a smile on his face handing her the package. She took the package into her hands and looked at it. She examined it thoroughly and handed it back to him smiling. "I wonder what she sent you"she said. "I am curious to know to. I have told you about how she is" he said rolling his eyes. She giggled at his gesture. "We'll open it together in a while. Do you want to grab something to eat?"he asked. "Sure. I am really hungry"she said grabbing hold of his hand as they walked into the kitchen.

They shared a short snack and walked back into the room. He grabbed a camera and handed her the package and held her hand leading the way to the terrace. After they reached the terrace, she asked "okay so what are we up to?" flashing her teeth. He laughed and said "Well, since I really can't think of giving her anything I will take a video that is make you the video of me unwrapping this package and send it to her". "Okay, that's a nice idea"she said taking the camera and turning it on.

With everything ready, she head the camera steadily and said "On the count to three, 1..2...3.." and started to record him carefully rip open the package. Slowly, as she adjusted the focus on the package, she looked through the view finder and saw what came out from the package. A chocolate,some photographs of his friend and a letter. He gestured her to stop recording. She did as he told her. And he handed the letter to her and asked her to read it to him.

She unfolded the letter and she started to read. "Dear Friend, I was wanted to write to someone special...." she choked. She didn't know where this letter ended. She continued to read and completed reading the letter. His expression was blank. She was torn apart from inside. She didn't know what to say. She handed him the letter and sat there next to him silently. He put his hand around her and said "She's crazy. Don't worry about her, she's just a friend. I have nothing to for".

She tried to comfort herself and she smiled at him and just let it go at that moment. She put it as the last thing on her mind. She started seeing more calls and texts from that girl. She knew she could trust him. She knew with all her faith he could never do her wrong. But the doubt just only started to creep more into her mind. She kept telling herself he wouldn't take advantage of her. She saw pictures of her in his phone and she didn't mind that either. She saw more by the day. Pictures of that same girl in various outfits.

She thought to herself, I send pictures of mine to only him and would send it to the one I belong with. She isn't with him then why is that girl sending him pictures and why was he sending that girl pictures. She felt broken. She didn't doubt him once but she didn't see the point of why he was encouraging that girl to do all of the things that the girl was doing.

She didn't know what to do. Could she confront him, but if she did he would think she is doubting him. She was clueless. She was back home and she couldn't fight it anymore. She was staring out the window as tears rolled down her face...