Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I love you too..(Tangled #1)

Sun kissed morning, with rays shining bright through the window on her face. She reacted to the warmth of the Sun. She reached out from her bed to grab her cellphone. "2 new messages" it read. Lazily in bed, she read through them and there it was, a text from him. "I'll pick you up @ 8, Gloria's coffee shop". She couldn't believe her eyes.

She glanced at the clock and to her horror it was already 7.30. She jumped out of bed and rushed into the bathroom. She undressed herself and there she stood under the shower with hot water pouring down on her easing her to her cores. She could feel her tension wear off.

She always thought and believed she did most of her intensive thinking in the shower but today, all she could think of was his eyes. And she still couldn't believe that she was spending the day with him, "When did that happen!" she thought to herself.

It seemed like yesterday when we were still strangers to each other, both hesitant not only to talk to each other but to exchange stolen glances too. She didn't know how this would end but she sure wanted to know the end. Because if she didn't try it would kill her from her insides. She clearly remembered the day when she first saw him. He was sitting in the corner of a crowded room. He was calm and composed and there was something about him that drew him to her.

Someone had yelled out his name just in time for her to grasp it. She held on to it ever since. She continued to drown in his thoughts. The first time she spoke to him and it seemed like he was dying to talk to her too. She knew out of instinct the minute she saw, spoke to him, she wanted him greedily all to herself. Anything she would share in the world for the price of having him all for herself. She saw the desire, at least she thought she saw the desire he had for her in his eyes. His eyes she thought for one last time. She brought herself to reality and quickly washed of the excess soap. She walked out of the shower and dressed herself. She made sure she looked perfect from him. She picked up her things, walked through the door shutting it behind her.

It was rather a cold morning it was almost 8. She didn't want to be late. She wrapped herself warmly and continued to walk down the street. Her mind raced into thoughts of him again. "What would he be wearing?""Would he be comfortable with me?""I'm sure I am mad about him but is he?". These were the questions running in her mind. And before she knew it, she automatically had carried herself to Gloria's Coffee Shop, which was quiet close to her home. She was waiting and she curiously glanced around for him. She stared at both sides of the street. "Still no sign of him" she thought sighing.

It felt like she had been there forever already. She just wanted to be with him, to see him. She looked down at her phone doubtfully not sure if she should call him. Just as she looked up from her phone resisting the urge to call, he came on his motorbike, flashing his million dollar smile gesturing her to hop on. With out thinking twice she walked and got on to the bike.

He started to drive and moments later he asked "Where do you want to go? What do you want to do?". She was overwhelmed by his presence but still as exciting as it may seem she was still hungry. "Why don't we get some breakfast?" she suggested. He drove off rather quietly to a nice restaurant in the neighborhood. As strange as it may seem they finished their breakfast rather much too silently but by exchanging those glances you'd never want to miss.

They walked out of the restaurant and he brought his bike from the parking lot. She gently held on to his shoulder and got on as usual. He again asked "Where to now?". She seemed kind of puzzled. She didn't know him completely neither did he know her. She thought he might have been feeling the same too.

She thought of a moment took her time as said moving close to his ear "Why don't we watch a movie?". He gestured in agreement and directed to the closest multiplex. He parked his bike and they walked to the ticket counter. He asked her "Feel free and pick a movie you like" smiling. She saw the screen displaying the movies playing and she picked the one she wanted to watch.

They walked in to multiplex and they were chit chatting about their classes together and how they found their new acquaintances to be. Speaking more about their views trying to know each other was all they were focused on. It seemed as though it was there, the spark they expected to feel. There was still some time before the movie began. They were strolling along the corridors of the multiplex looking at stalls displaying various articles. She enjoyed his company and it did look like he was enjoying hers too.

He loved her way of talking, her expressions and most of all her eyes. They captured him like he could drown in them. He felt like she was some one with a good head over her shoulders. He was at a loss of words to explain the amount of happiness or excitement he felt around her. Perfect he thought in his mind looking at her and her gestures. He glanced at his watch and told her " Time passes by so fast with you.. It's almost 4. Movie will start.".

She couldn't believe what she was hearing she was with him right from 11 am in the mall time passed by so quickly. Looking at stalls grabbing a bite to eat. All that they spoke, locked in my heart safely she thought. She walked quickly behind him in to the cinema hall.

They found their way to their seats and settled. She told him she was thirsty. He smiled at her and walked away to get her some water. She needed a moment away from him. She needed to breathe. Her heart was thumping so fast it felt like it was almost impossible to stay around him. He was taking her breath away. Everything about him seemed so perfect. She felt he was handmade by god. Made for her!

Just then he returned with a bottle of water, handing it over to her. She grabbed the bottle and drank a little to ease herself. She sat down again next to her. They were sharing the same arm rest, his arm touching hers. Her pulse was high again. She wanted to know if he felt the same.

He was mesmerized by her radiance, her beauty and most of her simplicity. Nobody is perfect, but to him there she was, the personification of perfect. She sat elegantly next to him. She was something like he never imagined. His angel he thought in his mind, secretly smiling to himself.

He wanted to understand how could she be so flawless. He wanted to know if her cheeks were as soft as they looked. To feel the smoothness of her marble skin. She was driving him crazy. The movie had started and he couldn't concentrate on it. All he could think of was her. That she was there right next to him with her arm glued to his like she wanted to feel him too. Hw wanted her to feel his presence and know that he right royally belonged to her. And he wanted to make her realize just that same fact.

He was hesitant but he had to do it, somebody had to make the first move. He slowed managed to entwine his fingers between hers. She didn't resist at all, it was like she was there all along waiting for him to put his fingers between hers. Her hands were cold and he wanted to warm them.

She was losing her mind from his touch. His hands were so warm. Her hands fit perfectly into his. She wanted him all for herself not only for the fact that she needed him but also for the little of the person she knew of him. Ultimately she wanted him. He moved in closer, she could feel him breathe down on her. She was losing control over her breath. And he planted a kiss right under her ear. And then at that moment she lost everything to him. She was at her weakest.

He had done what he never imagined and more surprisingly he was taken aback by the fact that she didn't resist him, not one bit. He held her hand more firmly feeling more confident by her reactions. He wanted her to read his mind. And he wanted to know how she felt. The idea of knowing her thought was starting to eat him up, but he knew he had to be patient.

The movie got over and they started to walk out of the theater, hand in hand. She was lost in him. And all he wanted to do was scoop her into his arms. They walked to the parking lot and were driving out. She didn't know where they were heading. It was almost 7. He knew she lived with a room mate who worked at night. He didn't want to give her any wrong idea of his feelings. But at the same time he hoped she would invite him in. She tapped him on his shoulder and asked "Where are we headed to?". He replied " It's getting late I should drop you home." feeling slightly disappointed the day ended so soon.

She was silent on the way back. She was confused what to say. She didn't want to let him go. This day was like a dream she thought. She wondered what was running through his mind, if only she knew..

With all this running through her head she didn't realize they had already reached her home. She got off the bike. She stood there staring at him trying to make up her mind. He was dying of the suspense, he wanted her so bad to tell her he wanted her was more important. He was feeling so helpless. He didn't want her to walk away from him with just a goodbye. She had to make a decision. And she had made it. She walked closer to him and said "Thank you for everything today. I was wonderful something I will never forget.", she took a deep breath and continued "Would you like to come inside?".

He couldn't hold his excitement but he had to be calm. These things aren't done in haste he said to himself in his mind. He parked his bike and walked behind her towards the door. He watched her while she rummaged through her purse to find her keys. She opened the door and walked in with him following behind her. She dropped her things on the center table and walked inside to fetch him a glass of water. She handed him the water and watched him drink while sitting next to him.

She was out of her senses, the man of her dreams was there sitting right next to her in her living room. She almost thought she was hallucinating. He thought the house was warm and cozy. Just like the kind of person she would be. He drank the water she gave. His heart was pounding so hard he thought maybe she could hear it if it concentrated a little bit. She sat silently next to him clueless of what to say to him. She was there waiting for him to make a move. She didn't have the courage to sum up her feelings and tell him.

He looked at her and said "Your house is nice. Never  imagined it to be so. It's so you". She smiled and said "It takes alot of work but i can manage i love my home". He smiled too. She felt like he was taking away her air every time he smiled. She looked down to the floor. He put down the glass on the table and moved closer to her.

She could feel him move closer to her. So close to her, she was about to lose all her senses.He gently caught her chin and moved her face up. She instantly turned pink. He looked in to her eyes for a minute. He could see her so clearly. She was looking in to his eyes too, lost in them. He moved closer to her aiming for her luscious lips, pink like cherries flashed in his mind. She shut her eyes willingly letting him move in closer. She wanted him. She wanted his lips to burn  into hers. Her desire was at the utmost peak. She was burning like fire for him. All she wanted to fell was him. She longed to be in his world.

He had been waiting for this moment ever since he had first seen her. looking her from so close her skin feeling like heaven. He wanted to kiss her and show her show his felt. He needed her to see his desire for her. He kissed her with all he had. Passion flowing through his skin and veins. His heart beating for her. She reacted almost so naturally to him. Her body reacted to his passion to his need. Her hand automatically moved to his hair. Her fingers through his hair. She was in bliss.

He could feel that she wanted him too.She melted in his mouth like chocolate. She tasted so sweet he thought. He loved her fingers holding clumps of his hair, pulling his closer than he already is. He gently pushed her on to the couch. He lay himself over her. He was still kissing him. It could never be enough he thought. He held her waist with one hand with the other caressing her cheek. He slowly moved down to her neck. Gently placing kisses on her warm neck. She was lost in him. She couldn't explain what he was doing to her. She lay there helpless feeling his need for her. She was completely hypnotized by him. He kissed her on her collar bone. He could hear her breathe heavy. And he glad to hear her because he knew she was feeling for him. He moved lower to her sensitive areas. She reacted almost immediately. But she pulled him up to kiss him again. She gave him all she had. She was receiving his powerful desire in return. She was out of breath. She stopped and pulled away from him.

He was confused. Why did you stop he thought in his mind with concern. She looked at him with love and said " I don't want to take things too fast but I'm in love with you". She didn't understand how she managed to say those words. She didn't know she could do it, but she did. She looked at him with all her hope. He didn't immediately react to it. She thought she made a mistake by confessing to him. He looked at her and noticed she was almost at the verge of a break down. He thought to himself if he couldn't confide in her what a man he would be. He held her face with both his hands and said "If I didn't feel the same way about you, I would have never kissed you". She was looking at him with tears in her eyes.He took her closer and kissed her once again with his desire and said "I love you too.."


  1. I could somehow relate myself to the story, nice work, excited to the read some more stories from your Book, keep up the good work :-)

    -Nitin R.

  2. Niri!!! I loved it!! So much description and detail and yeah I could so relate to it! :) Can't wait to read more girl! :)

  3. I'm glad you could relate to the story Nitin! Thank you!